• Services Offered

    I facilitate, train, coach and consult Worldwide as part of the Arise.education cross-disciplinary team.


    My specialty is to enable a shift into ''New Work'' and what Frederic Lalaoux calls ''Teal Organizations''.


    This means: shifting organizational architecture, culture and social dynamics towards rapidly adaptive, highly productive and internally motivated distributed and autonomous clusters of teams made up of self reflective and constantly evolving individuals, collectively driven by; and united around; a meaningful purpose and values that serve and contribute to the wellbeing of the World in powerfully impactful ways. Such organizations re-invent leadership, management, success indicators, concepts of value, ownership, power, conflict, wealth, security and responsibility and outperform preexisting models while revolutionizing whole industries and markets. They cultivate conscious and humane work environments and are multistakeholder oriented and steered. They are in tune with the technological and generational shift at the workplace and may be acting locally but are thinking globally.


    I offer customized programs that take organizations and people from where they are, right now, through an evolutionary process into this new paradigm.


    Together with you, we will determine the speed, depth and length of this transformation that most serves your particular needs and context.



    This may include:

    • Assessment of the organization
    • Training programs
    • Structural design or redesign
    • Leadership training and Possibility Coaching
    • Conflict transformation 
    • Community building
    • Strategy formulation


    I work simultaneously on 4 dimensions: cultural, structural, social dynamics and individual empowerment using a tool-belt of instruments and models (see below) and in collaboration with colleagues from Arise bringing in key skills and insights for your needs and context.


    Clients from the private and public sectors and civil society are equally welcomed, with prevalence those with an appetite for change, deeply held values and aiming to have a healthy impact in the World.


    Get in touch with me if you want to collaborate. The first coaching or consulting session is a gift, free of charge and obligation. After getting to know eachother we can discuss price and collaboration. Find my email address in the Contact section.



    Live the change you know the World diserves!


  • Tool-Belt

    From a decade's worth of experiences with Organizational Evolution and Entrepreneurship I have put together a Rubik's Cube of possible ingredients.

    sociocracy 3.0

    ''A Practical Guide
    For Evolving Agile And Resilient Organizations''

    possibility managemnt

    "Through transformational trainings, Possibility Management offers modern initiation work into adulthood."

    sircle evoneers journey

    "A learning journey for those that are seeking to marry purpose with livelihood."

    dragon dreaming

    "A systemic design process, a philosophy and a methodological framework, for the realization of collaborative and sustainable projects, organisations and platforms"

    deep democracy

    "Deep Democracy has been applied to all sorts of conflicts including terrorism, revolution, diversity issues of all sorts, economic problems, school conflict, climate change, large corporation tensions, government leadership questions etc."

    ecovillage design education design for susteinability

    "Designing a society which uses energy and materials with greater efficiency, distributes wealth fairly and strives to eliminate the concept of waste"

    permaculture design

    "Permaculture is a set of design principles centered around whole systems thinking simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and resilient features observed in natural ecosystems."

  • Other Methodologies and tools that I work with:

    Participatory Facilitation, Transition Training, Possibility Coaching, Open Space Technology, World Caffee, Getting Things Done Impact Entrepreneurship, Empowered Relationship with Money (based on Empowered Fundraising), Non Violent Communication, Theatre of the Opressed (Pedagogy of the Oppressed), The Work that Reconnects (Deep Ecology), Water Retention Landscape Design, Spiral Dynamics and Forum.

    Advisory Note

    The work that my colleagues and I do is most often highly engaging, innerly moving and very new for most beneficiaries. The tools, system and methods mostly involve experiential learning and trigger real change that may be, at first, challenging at both personal and institutional levels. In order for such a transformation to happen there must be real open-mindedness and a genuine desire for change with 'buy-in' both from the 'top' and the 'bottom' of your organization. With this attitude the challenge of change becomes an adventure of discovery.

  • Projects

    ''The use of natural history is to give us aid in supernatural history: the use of the outer creation, to give us language for the beings and changes of the inward creation.''

                                                                                                                                                                         Ralph Waldo Emerson


    Arise.education - Education for Wholeness

    2016 to present

    We design tailor made programs for more human organizations. The emerging edge in organizational practice, culture forging and power of results.

    SEOC - Sociocracy 3.0 Empowering Organizational Capacity

    2015 - 2018

    In 2015, I dreamt up, designed and applied for E+ funding for SEOC. Since then its fruits touched several dozens of organizations and hundreds of change-makers.


    Terra Livre - The Forest has No Boundries

    2013 to present

    In my heart I have always been an Earth Guardian. I fund-raise, train and build organizational capacity and network for Terra Livre which exists for the conservation and regeneration of endangered worldwide natural landscapes.


    Other Projects

    2010 to present

    I initiated and co-initiated: 4 Years Go Romania (Pachamama Romania), Communities Convergence, Community Tours, The Gift Economy Network, Ecosophy Network, SEOC, Youth Rejuvenating Community.

    I have been a co-creator in: Aurora Community, Aurora Circle, ecobasa.org, Arise Education, the SIRCLe project, Asociatia Romania in Tranzitie, Transition Hubs Network.

  • Testimonials - *Under Construction*

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  • The Trail Blazed

    I was born in Iasi and grew up in the '90s in post-communist Romania experiencing the wild meltdown of a society in a transition between a dictatorship and a so called free market democracy. It was for me a first hand experience of a crumbling system through dysfunctional governance, power greedy 'elites' and a society under Stockholm syndrome, deeply hurting and profoundly lacking a capacity to enact real change.


    This period of my life seeded within me an inner drive that has never ceased since: the unshakable wish for real change in people and the world that I live in during my lifetime. It is for me a creative challenge, perhaps as old as the human journey on Earth: how may we shape ourselves and our collective presence to honoring the potential of human life?


    Driven by the search to understand 'What went wrong?' and 'What to do now?' I developed early on a fascination for history and through that aspects of the human story such as economics, politics, ethnography, anthropology, geopolitics, history of thought, philosophy, sociology, geography, psychology and spirituality.


    I studied and hold a BA in Economic Sciences specialized in Management and Leadership Styles and an MA in Political Science in Comparative Politics (Central Eastern European Politics and Societies).


    During my student years, after happily failing to fit into a 'regular job' state of mind, I engaged with different NGOs and had a few clumsy attemtps at entrepreneurship and starting community initiative groups. Luckily none of those worked, but through the efforts I stumbled upon a rabbit hole leading to a myriad of people, groups and solutions that have been making real change and yet nobody in mainstream society seemed to know they exist.


    In 2012 I embarked on what was then an unplanned journey of seven years, travelling throughout Europe. I explored the edges and fringes in search of what else is possible and how differently can humans live and work together. I engaged with organizations, ecovillages, intentional communities and a whole ecosystem of projects and networks from large cities to off grid backwaters that create their own models and solutions. I found experiments, open questions, but also proven methods, systems and wisdom. I found shockingly effective and powerful solutions for so many issues impacting social, cultural, economic, political and ecological problems, but most of all I met myself along the way and tasted the living possibility of a deeply caring and consciously lead a life together with others.


    I was lucky and privileged to receive the support, guidance and friendship of so many people and encounter on the fringes spaces of deep personal transformation, renewal and empowerment so that I could undergo my own hero's journey of initiation.


    From the beginning of that journey I found that I could become a facilitator and a trainer and I knew that finally I had found a way to put into practice ideas that previously were for me, only theories. I attended many trainings and educational programs throughout the 7 years and engaged actively in experimented with all that I learned, so much so that I now consider it as my own self made 'higher education'.


    As before, I tried my hand by joining and initiating projects, community groups, enterprises and networks and learned by doing. Throughout the successes, failures and adventures I decided to only teach and practice with others what worked for me, in me and what evolved who I am becoming.


    Why am I doing this? Because technology, culture and identity are undergoing a revolution these days and ''Teal organisation'' and ''New Work'' are becoming quite the hype. But despite the wave of enthusiasm and the few jaw dropping success stories lighting the way, many individuals and organizations are struggling to make the transition and mass adoption is slow.


    It is not surprising considering what a monumental shift needs to happen, almost simultaneously, in such sociopolitical Taboos as: power, money, responsibility, belonging, conflict, value, ownership, community, well being, relationship to the environment and security. The struggle becomes real as groups underestimate the depth of change needed and decide to ''go teal'' without being able to use and most often not even knowing about proven tools and pathways. It is as dangerous as watching a Bruce Lee movie and then going out on the dark streets looking for bad guys!


    Enabling this natural evolution is what I love to do and what fascinates me the most, it is what gives me hope in humanity and where I am investing myself towards multiplying my own happiness capital by getting others to master it themselves!